The Federal science and technical college, zuru,(FSTC ZURU), was established in 1989. However, admission of students into the college started in 1991 with three technical departments offering the following trade courses:
(i) Electrical Installation and Maintenance Practice.
(ii) Bricklaying, Blocklaying and Concreting.
(iii) Plumbering and Pipefitting.

These trade courses were closely followed with the introduction of Business studies which offered Boo-Keeping and Sevretarial Stusdies in line with the technical and business education (NTC/NBC) policy.
The college was called Federal Technical College, Zuru (FTC Zuru) until the year 2003 when the name was changed to Federal Science and Technical College, Zuru (FSTC Zuru) with the introduction of Science section (running SSS programme).This gives the college the advantages of running two programmes simultaneously (i.e NBC/NTC and SSS programmes).
Its also affords the Science students a unique opportunity of choosing a trade course with entrepreneurship studies, in line with the national curriculum, from the avialable wide range of technical courses offered in the college. The college has been operating on the temporary site since its inception. The temporary site is located adjacent Dantudu Gomo Model School along Ribah Road, Zuru. Ir has a permanent site which is 5km from the temporary site along Ribah Road.
Presently, in addition to the science subjects, the college also runs seven (7) technical and business trade courses which include:

i. Electrical Installation and Maintenance Practice.(EIM)
ii. Computer Craft Studies (CCS)
iii. Plumbing and Pipefitting (PPF)
iv. Radio, Television and Electronic Works (RTV)
v. Bricklaying, Blocklaying and Concreting (Building Construction (BBC)
vi. Motor Vehicle Machanic (MVM)
vii. Booking Keeping and Secretarial Studies (BKS)



The aims and objective of the college are in line with those set out in the national policy on Education which includeamong others:
(i) To prepare students for tertiary education in various fields of knowlege.
(ii) To prepare students to live effectively in our modern age of Science and the Technology
(iii) To inculcate in students the value of self-reliance, ingenuity, honesty, discipline and patriotism among others.
(iv) To foster national unity by developing in students, respect for one another as members of one society through
a delibrate policy of appreciating and respecting ethinic, cultural and religion differences.
(v)Raise a generation of people who can think for themselves, respect the viw and feelingds of others, respect the
dignity of labour and live as good and useful citizens.

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